No Limits Metalworks as its aptly named now was formed in 2009, but in reality it has been ongoing under different No Limits names since the owner, Shawn Dudek formed the No Limits brand back around 1999. There has been a few different variances of the name from No limits Racing, No limits Customs, and currently and existing automotive repair shop, No Limits Motorsports LLC. Metalworks is a branch of the No Limits brand that is focusing on the high end custom world from automotive builds to welding and fabrication projects big and small. We are craftsman with a wide range of skills that few possess making it so that we can produce some amazing products! We will tackle just about anything from a full chassis/ body swap like our collaboration (with Gearhouse) “Good Humor” project to fancy gates, hand rails, metal art, interior decoration, lighting…whatever you can think of that is custom and cool we will find a way to make it!